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10 Inspiring Office Designs To Stir Your Senses

Apart from giving employees regular salary, timely increment, and appraisals for their work, the design and infrastructure of your office is another key factor that can bring up your sales and increase business productivity. And the with the cut-throat competition in the market, both at national and global level, having an awe-inspiring infrastructure for the offices is extremely important to get the best human resource to work with you.

Ask an employee how he feels sitting in a plain, bland cubicle and popping his eyes out on his system without a single moment of fun; you’ll realize the work is getting on his nerves. And if you don’t want to lose onto those precious human assets, then you surely need to check out this list of the most inspiring office designs that will make you want to change your office right at once!


1. ICRAVE, New York City


The Award-winning design studio and branding firm based in New York has an office space everyone craves for! The ever-changing mural, the marquee signage, the bookshelves made of kitchen sinks, the wooden flooring, reception designed to mimic hotel lobbies; there’s a wow element in every single aspect of ICRAVE’s office interiors!


2. Google, Zurich


Known for loony office designs, Google seems to be on the wish list of almost everyone! While you will see a crazy streak in almost each office of Google around the world, but the one in Zurich completely stole our hearts! What is more inspiring is that they ask their employees what would they like their office environment be and accordingly style their interiors.

In addition to a play area for games like soccer, basketball & more; this office has a separate space to listen to some rock music and another area where they can fake rock out videos, meeting spaces with lounges, insane conference spots all over, Gondolas for conference calls, and more; this place is full of surprises!

Yes, it’s that cool!


3. YouTube, California, US


When Google bought the king of video-sharing just after two years it was created for a whopping $1.65 billion, the earning was not really fruitful, at least not worth the price Google paid. But this didn’t affect Google in spending dollars on designing the offices and giving it a home-like feel to its employees.

There are abundant light, common spaces, a mini-golf area, Energy Pod for a power nap if work becomes a stress; the space deserves thumbs up!

Ever dreamt of working in such an environment? It’s a reality for the many workers out there!


4. Facebook, California


Another office situated in California, the office space of Facebook is a stuff of dreams indeed! Apart from relaxing spaces & fun cafeterias, striking conference rooms, the office even has a separate DJ booth for its employees. And just like Google asked its employees for their dream office space, Facebook, too conducted polls using their own software to design this magnetic space.


5. Microsoft, Gurgaon, India


Microsoft always wanted its office in India to be a futuristic workspace with Indian ethos and so this marvel was designed! Quiet spaces for employees who enjoy their own company, phone rooms & one-on-one conversation rooms, around 60 briefing rooms of varying sizes & styles, café, this ‘activity-oriented’ office space is one that will want you to work here for the rest of your life!


6. Mind Candy, London, Britain


The office space of this game company is not the ones you see all around. It’s the one you’ll fall in love with! Decked with astro turf carpeting, a wooden tree house, vibrant artwork all around, quiet spaces mimicking hobbit-holes, a fun slide, padded booths for meetings & lunch, monsters drawn on office walls for employees to color and a forest-like reception; the Mind Candy office is the ultimate destination for anyone!


7. Inventionland, Pittsburg


If you’ve never been to any of the offices of Inventionland, then it is something you’ve never experienced before! The employees at Inventionland wear lab coats (all of them!) and are referred as ‘Creationeers’.

Talking about the office, it’s stretched over 70,000 sq. ft. of area and designed with 15 different sets including pirate ships, castle, a giant robot, race tracks, faux caves, etc. Imagine working on a pirate ship wearing? Sounds exciting, right?! The office infrastructure is probably one of the factors leading to the growth and prosperity of this firm which invents about 2000 items every year, releasing one every three days. Clearly, the office at Pittsburg is one place to bring the best out of you!


8. Opple Lighting Offices, Shanghai


The beautiful office of Opple Lighting offices in Shanghai upholds the company’s corporate mission, “Light creates value”. The design is a combination of dynamic and static spatial planning giving the office environment a standalone feel.


9. Parliament Office, Portland, Oregon

Interior of Parliament's Design Studio in Portland, OR

Keeping the employees at ease and giving them the kind of environment they deserve is what is best portrayed with the interiors at Parliament office. The design is made with a smart use of recycled materials such as salvaged pizza oven, a wood from a barn, old street signs, etc incorporated with just the right materials and topped with a bearskin rug.

And finally, the last one…


10. Dropbox, China


The office of this young company has introduced new and innovative approaches to urban workspace density. Open workstations, centralized social spaces, shared work rooms, informal lounges, specific auxiliary spaces for gym, kitchen, music, games, dining, etc make it one of the most inspirational designs for all business firms and organizations.


So we’ve finally reached the end. And if you feel the need to change your office decors, feel free to contact our team. We’ve already completed many successful projects and coming up with many more. Check out our Portfolio to know more!

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