Kingsmen India Blog | 5 Quick Tips To Save You From Bad Office Space Managements – Short Is The Way!
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5 Quick Tips To Save You From Bad Office Space Managements – Short Is The Way!

Your office walls can no more be a dull shade of white with color chipping off; you have to have a decent look and feel of your office interiors to motivate your employees to be able to maximize productivity and increasing business profit. But what if you are short on office space? How would you design it to make it presentable while spacing out tables for employees to be comfortable? Well, we are here to save you from those cramped cubicles. Just follow these tips:


1. Include Flexible Workspaces & Schedules


Give your workers a cool way to hangout, chat, work independently, or indulge in long-scale strategic activities. This will not only help in enhancing collaboration but also boost creativity of your office spaces. Using stackable desks or easy-to-move furniture would help in rearranging desks for a better coordination and styling.

If you think you have more workers than can be accommodated in your offices, consider a rotational shift policy or work-from-home allowance to make sure your office is neither over-crowded nor empty.


2. Think Out Of The Box


If you really want your small space to shine, then you need to think critically and at the same time, creatively to put things in the right place, especially when you have more stuff to put in a restricted area! For instance, when things don’t work horizontal, go vertical! Use shelving that attaches to the studs in your walls and adhere sturdy pockets to your walls to hold active files you access frequently. Stylish wall hooks is another great idea for keeping your sweater or coat off the back of your chair. And lastly, a desk with shelving above it can work well in rental spaces where drilling into the wall isn’t always an option.


3. Maximize Open Space And Let The Light Shine In


Natural light, according to a scientific study is known to increase the overall mood of workers to work more. And since, every two out of three employees work indoors, have adequate space for the light to enter is always a good option. This will also make your office space feel brighter, bigger and enhance space management.

So remove anything that is blocking sunshine, utilize windows and orient your desks to maximize the time spent in front of them. A view to outdoors serves as a bonus for office spaces designed this way!


4. Don’t Ignore The Corners


Corners are seldom neglected because they are never recognized as a ‘viable space’ to work in. But here is where you’re going wrong, if you are short on space, try to utilize every inch of the space available, but of course, in an intelligent way! Like corners can be transformed into as easy as a showcase corner or shelves to keep things you don’t need frequently. This way, you’re saving some inches of your overall space for something more useful!


5. Big Desks Are A Big No!


In a place where everything is going small, why take the big step? Big desks act as dinosaurs or something scarier than that when kept in a short office space. So instead of making space for one dinosaur (we meant a big screen desk), try incorporating two small work stations such as the one with a few file cabinets and a pencil drawer. As it is we have a habit of keeping everything in the computer, so why waste space!


There are innumerable ways, like these to let your small space shine. You just need to know how to manage it. And since space management issues have risen ever since the startup run, we have sorted the 5 most viable tips for you to use space diligently. We can even help you with the designing, only if you need assistance from step one to the last one. Write to us and we’ll help you out!

Till then, space out!

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