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11 Most Inspiring TED Talks On Architecture

As the mission statement of TED says, ‘We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. So we’re building here a clearinghouse that offers free knowledge and inspiration from the world’s most inspired thinkers, and also a community of curious souls to engage with ideas and each other’, we’ve got together the most thought-provoking, intelligent and motivating TED talks on architecture to stir your senses

So here we begin…


1. Architecture That’s Built To Heal – by Michael Murphy


“I have learned that architecture can be a transformative engine for change”, Co-founder and CEO of MASS Design Group, Michael talks about how he and his team look far beyond the blueprint while designing.


2. There’s A Better Way To Die, And Architecture Can Help – by Alison Killing

Starting with “I’d like to tell you a story about death and architecture” till the end, architect Alison has beautifully described the link between death and architecture. The way of dying is changing, so why not the way we build for dying! A provocative conversation, Alison fascinates her by her comparisons and genius reasoning.


3. Architecture For The People By The People – by Alastair Parvin

Designer Parvin spellbinds all of us by his striking idea of citizens designing and building their own houses instead of architects and professionals. The concept is at the heart of WikiHouse, an open source construction kit that means just about anyone can build a house, anywhere.

Indeed, with his stunning concept, he has made others think why they didn’t discover this plan!


4. How Architecture Helped Music Evolve – by David Byrne

David Byrne went from playing CBGB to Carnegie Hall as he succeeded in his career. His question to us is: “Does the venue make the music?” From outdoor drumming to Wagnerian operas to arena rock, he explores how context has pushed musical innovation.


5. How Architecture Connect Us – by Thom Mayne

“And to be an architect, somehow you have to negotiate between left and right, and you have to negotiate between this very private place where ideas take place and the outside world, and then make it understood.” Thom inspires us with the way he uses words to take us to the whistle-stop tour of buildings.

We’re glad to have him share his ideas!


6. We’re Covered In Germs. Let’s Design For That by Jessica Green

“If we can design the invisible ecosystems in our surroundings, this opens a path to influencing our health in unprecedented ways.” TED Fellow, Jessica questions everyone – “Can we design buildings that encourage happy, healthy microbial environments?”

After watching this video, we can definitely ask you to: Go Green!!


7. Why Great Architecture Should Tell A Story – by Ole Scheeren

Architect Ole considers even the people working inside a building as its part as much as the marbles, glass and steel used to build its structure. He believes that architecture exceeds the domain of physical matter; it is about how we want to live our lives and how we script our own stories along with those of others.

Great thought Mr. Scheeren, we must say!


8. How Public Spaces Make Cities Work – by Amanda Burden

“When people think about cities, they tend to think of certain things. They think of buildings and streets and skyscrapers, noisy cabs. But when I think about cities, I think about people” says New York’s Chief City Planner during the talk. She also shares the unexpected challenges of planning parks people and why they’re important.


9. Architecture That Repairs Itself – by Rachel Armstrong

Armstrong says, “I believe that the only way that it is possible for us to construct genuinely sustainable homes and cities is by connecting them to nature, not insulating them from it.” Through this session, Rachel proposes a not-quite-alive material that does its own repairs and sequesters carbon, too.


10. 3-Warp Speed Architecture Tales by Bjarke Ingels

Ingels rivets the audience attention by his speech at the TED show. The Danish architect speaks, “As an architect, it’s really hard to set the agenda. You can’t just say that now I’d like to do a sustainable city in central Asia, because that’s not really how you get commissions.” Even his buildings are to look upon. They don’t just look like nature; they act as nature too like blocking the wind, collecting solar energy and not to forget the stunning views!

And finally…


11. 17 Words Of Architectural Inspiration by Daniel Libeskind

Daniel reveals the 17 words that underlie his true vision of architecture – raw, risky, emotional, radical – and that offer inspiration for any bold creative pursuit. In his vision, Architecture is all about wonder, and this, he frames in the most perfect words; “Architecture is not based on concrete and steel and the elements of the soil. It’s based on wonder. And that wonder is really what has created the greatest cities, the greatest spaces that we have had.”


Losing your confidence in designing? Need some inspiration? Watch out these videos to boost your confidence and get ready to deliver the best designs to the world.

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