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Metrics For Effective Brand Activation Campaigns

Brand activation is a marketing discipline and a term new to the industry. What brand activation means is to drive consumer actions via brand interactions, communications and experiences.
The main aim of a brand activation campaign is to get consumers to act by developing a one-to-one interaction between the customers and the brand. There are many types of brand activation campaigns business works with, like sampling campaigns, digital campaigns, in-store retail marketing, consumer promotions, experimental marketing, etc. A successful brand activation campaign is the one that helps in adding life to your brand, generating a strong & a loyal fan base and that which helps in achieving long term benefits to the company.
Below is a list of some measurement factors and key metrics to determine the effectiveness of your brand activation campaign:

1. Consumer Reach
Consumers are the most important part of any business life. So the first way to reach out to a wider mass is to inspire them. That depends on how well you have strategized your marketing, the presentation and lastly, the quality of your product / service. Hence, we’ve put the Consumer reach as the first measurement factor. This further depends on the targeted consumers you are planning to touch and reach through this campaign and if it is a hyper local, city-wide, nation-wide or a world-wide campaign.

2. Long Term Potential
As we have specified earlier, the underlying objective of any brand activation campaign is to get customers to act. You need to measure the long term benefits associated with the campaign. Are you able to gain some sizable profit that leads to growth in your business or brand equity? If yes, then you can call it a success!

3. Brand Relevance
One thing you must not forget is the core values and objectives with which your business works. So the next metrics is the relativity of your activation campaign with your business. Does it match perfectly with your business values? Or is it partially correct with your brand? Answer these questions and you’ll know what needs to be done!

4. Returns On Investment
Now this is a little bit tricky. By RoI, we not only refer to the financial gains a business needs, but even the non-financial business gains. You need to compare the costs incurred and revenue earned, but that’s just half the story. The other half is concerned with the amount of consumer data you collected, such as the email address and other personal details, the number of followers to your social media channels, and other marketing leads as well as opportunities for the future.

5. Uniqueness
The ability to inspire more lies with the level of uniqueness your brand has. This can be measured in terms of selling proposition or core business values or your campaigning strategies itself! And if you have it, then you will surely make it to the top and encourage people to gossip about you.

6. Integration Capabilities
Does your campaign have the capability to compliment or mingle with other marketing strategies of your business firm? Are you able to integrate it with other advertising channels for a better upshot? If you answer to these questions is a big yes, then you surely get the green signal for your brand activation campaign!

7. Modification
Finally, the last measuring factor is the modification. You need to ascertain if your campaign allows you to modify, rearrange or restructure the campaign in order to boost sales and increase the amplification of the overall activation campaign.

Brand activation can help in shaping the future and the relevance of your brand. It is a way to generate awareness and visibility for your company through cultivating real life engagement experiences with the target consumers. And if you wish to measure the effectiveness of your campaign, these metrics can help. So keep activating!

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