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Design, Exhibitions, Internet, Retail & Corporates, Technology, Trends / 10.11.2016

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” - Pablo Picasso   Color is just of the most crucial aspects of displaying a stand artwork. While the shapes, size, and space aid in making your message clear to your audience, it is the color that adds a tone and unifies everything. According to a research, people make a subconscious judgment on their environments and products within 90 seconds of initial viewing of which, 62-90% is based on color alone!! Another stats say that about 80% audience think that color...

Design, Exhibitions, Retail Industry / 04.11.2016

Companies that are concerned about their brand usually don’t want to be known as second-best.  They want to be known as the leader in their industry.  However, leadership comes in different flavors depending on the industry they are in.  Exhibitors often tell us they want their brand to be of the best quality and high-end. They want to be seen as an innovator, best manufacturer or service provider and build their brand image by exhibiting appropriately and adopting right marketing strategies.   1. Get The Right Look And Exhibit One of...

Design, Retail & Corporates, Retail Industry, Trends / 24.10.2016

Exhibition stalls is one of the best marketing strategies adapted by firms and corporates to strengthen customer base and building contacts. But having a few square feet in an exhibition won’t make you the king of your industry, you need to make it big, and this is where the role of exhibition stall design comes in. But believe us, fixing a spot in a trade show; event or an exhibition is much easier than laying out its complete layout and getting the stall ready. That is why many...