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Architects, Design, Trends / 20.10.2016

Your office walls can no more be a dull shade of white with color chipping off; you have to have a decent look and feel of your office interiors to motivate your employees to be able to maximize productivity and increasing business profit. But what if you are short on office space? How would you design it to make it presentable while spacing out tables for employees to be comfortable? Well, we are here to save you from those cramped cubicles. Just follow these tips:   1. Include Flexible Workspaces...

Architects, Design, Famous Quotes, Technology / 14.10.2016

With their power to think beyond the ordinary, giving the world with some iconic buildings and interiors, out of the world designs, architects like Richard Meier, Louis Kahn, Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, and many others have become names no one is ever going to forget! And not only their works, we have learned, inspired, and motivated by their words of wisdom. We’ve prepared a list of some famous quotes by these iconic Architects which captured our hearts! Take a look:   1. “Any work of architecture that has with it...

Design, Retail & Corporates / 10.10.2016

Apart from giving employees regular salary, timely increment, and appraisals for their work, the design and infrastructure of your office is another key factor that can bring up your sales and increase business productivity. And the with the cut-throat competition in the market, both at national and global level, having an awe-inspiring infrastructure for the offices is extremely important to get the best human resource to work with you. Ask an employee how he feels sitting in a plain, bland cubicle and popping his eyes out on his system...