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Retail & Corporates, Retail Industry / 28.09.2016

The luxury brand plans to enter the home turf of the famous brand Samsung, South Korea with their first ever retail store for which they are searching for the ‘perfect spot’. And this isn’t it, as per the Wall Street Journal Reports, Apple is not just eyeing a vacant spot to build their retail store, they are looking for a spot in close vicinity with the Samsung store situated in Seoul’s Gangnam District. So clearly, we can sense some rivalry between the top brands and Apple’s forethought behind the...

Design, Retail & Corporates / 19.09.2016

"What meets the eye, meets the heart." This statement is true in the context of the world’s most valuable technology company and its high tech products like iPhone, i Mac, iPad etc. Yes, we are talking about the Cupertino company, Apple. With multiple anchors attributing towards high generation of revenue and profit, its elongated distribution strategy has attracted a large number of customers and built up a great brand equity. It’s chain of brick and mortar retail stores has brought about a revolution in the face of commercial retail interiors;...

Design, Retail Industry / 19.09.2016

The growing urbanization, advanced technological environment, varying demographics, and several players entering the Indian Retail market has led India to become one of the topmost preferred destination for retail investments in the world and ranks 15th in the Global Retail Development Index. Accounting for almost 10% of the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and over 8% of the employment, the Indian Retail Industry is expected to nearly double to USD 1.3 trillion by 2020. The industry is classified into two groups, namely, the unorganized retail and the organized retail....