Kingsmen India | World of Jaquar, Manesar, Delhi-NCR
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World of Jaquar, Manesar, Delhi-NCR

Thematic & Museums
About This Project

This museum is based on the theme “Sculpting of Water” and it showcases how water with its flow takes different shapes and form. The museum informs how Jaquar as a brand is adding value to the nature of water by its products. Jaquar brings to its customers’ world class technology with respect to bathroom and shower concepts. Through this museum they want to showcase how they look at water being an elixir of life and how it inspires different aspect of our living and existence. Jaquar wants to stimulate and fill colour to every mood, expression and movement that a human being experiences through the concept of water.

The museum is in Manesar and is about 10,000 sq.ft., all at one floor.


Area : 10000 sq.ft.


Venue : IMT, Manesar, Delhi-NCR