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We specialize in crafting experiences, using the magic of creativity and design to tell compelling brand stories. Our focus is on delivering seamless, innovative, and engaging experiences that connect, engage, and empower. With 47 years of integrated capabilities, we serve as your all-encompassing creative solutions partner, bringing memorable and successful campaigns to life globally.

Kingsmen has been at the forefront of redefining customer experiences in India. Since our inception, we’ve cultivated expertise across diverse domains, including Exhibitions, Retail, Events, Museums, Experience Centers, and specialized services.

At Kingsmen, our focus has always been on redefining, innovating, and crafting engaging experiences. We transcend conventional approaches, consistently connecting with diverse industries to evolve our expertise, ultimately enhancing the brand experience.

With a foundation built on creating outstanding brand experiences, Kingsmen has worked closely with international brands. Catering to the needs to various requirments has driven the development of our infrastructure, aligning it with global standards and ensuring that our collaborations result in experiences that truly redefine, innovate, connect, engage, and empower.

in numbers

Over 100 international awards
Global presence in 18 cities
1 million sqft of production facilities
1,700 passionate people
Over 10,000 clients
listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange in 2003
47 years of creating experiences
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our team

We develop projects of dynamic energy and monumental scale as we unfold sights, sounds and spectacle for the crowd. Our imagination feeds our creative solutions and keeps us going to deliver for brands at every stage of their journey. ‍ A unique team made up of strategic designers and pragmatic creators, each member of our team is an expert at what they do and brings a diverse background of experience.

We are always looking for talent to join us to create career-defining work. Discover opportunities across our network.

our values

Design-led, quality & service-driven


• To maintain our position as one of the leaders in asia pacific, middle east and the usa
• To be an active global player and be recognized as one of the elite marketing communication houses globally
• To provide exciting and fulfilling career opportunities for all members through continual expansion and continuous learning

Everyone has a role in Kingsmen because every member is a vital link in a chain of activities that produces customer satisfaction. At Kingsmen, we achieve growth and fulfilment in both our professional and personal lives. We anticipate market needs and demands to steer the company towards long-term success.

our group, our people

We embrace our creative, inclusive culture to develop every individual, that will maximise their potential. Our spirit of continuous improvement fuels us to remain agile as we remain committed to attract, develop and retain talent to maintain our competitive edge.

our customers

We maintain integrity and strive for excellence as a promise to our customers. We believe that the solid foundation of all relationships is built upon sincere and honest connections with our customers.

deliverable qualities

We see through completion as a process. Our works are not static but timeless, just like how we cultivate ever-lasting partnership with brands.


SG Good Design Mark 2018
General Post Office wins Singapore Good Design Mark
Singapore Good Design

Singapore Tourism Awards 2017
Best Business Event Service Provider for three consecutive years
Singapore Tourism Board

2016 A.R.E Design Awards
Gold Award for Sushi Hokkaido Sachi in Restaurant/Casual Dining
Shop! Association


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