About the project


Colorbar was looking for Black opaque glass acrylic furniture for the outlet. To arrange the furniture as per the client’s need, we appointed a special task force, to fully protect the acrylic from dust and scratches during the production process. We created a separate dust-free environment for this kind of production. To achieve the smoother surface, we carefully buffed each and every corner, so it won’t harm the customer while testing the products at the outlet. To prepare the display corner in a proper manner, we requested the client to provide the products to us in the original, so we can easily create technical drawings as per the measurements. Colorbar wants the display to be slanted so; our design team created multiple designs for the client to facilitate them & they can easily choose from other options. We tried our best to make their display corner more appealing to the customers.

Colorbar was satisfied by the ideas and solutions given by Kingsmen India for the display and furniture.