House of Candy

About the project

House of Candy

When House Of Candy decided to diversify from kiosk to store format, to stand apart from contemporaries and carve a niche for themselves. Sale of candies in organized retail is a small and new segment for Indian retail industry.

The client had briefed us on the store as – “A space primarily targeting the kids but should be welcoming to people of all ages and should ooze vibrance from every corner…”. We knew that we had to create an environment that makes the kids spend maximum time in this space. The real challenge was to make the small space interactive and appealing to the target market.  We conceptualized the design around the fantasy Candyland to create a dreamy experience in the real world and encapsulate the child.

While designing the space safety and well-being of the end user was of utmost priority therefore all the edges of the furniture, various elements rounded or curved instead of sharp straight corners. We have tried to juxta position the experience of riding a candy picking truck with the urge to stop and take ‘Selfies’. The brand colour palette is the seven colours of the Rainbow, studies have proven that these bright colours attract the human mind and activate dopamine and Serotonin hormone in the human mind which are responsible for generating feeling of fulfilment and happiness.

Gummy bear candy is a hot-selling product of the brand and comes in vibrant colours, drawing inspiration from this we created a life-size Gummy bear mascot for the brand in bright red colour. The lollypop Kart is a free-standing display for lollypops with colourful canopy and ambient blue light, giving it a dynamic appeal. To complement the candy dream land concept a giant fibre-casted lollypop is placed at the entrance of each store. The various elements like the magic spin wheel, dripping molten chocolate effect and Colourful Candy tree were made with different materials for example the candy leaves were made of colourful bent acrylic sheets with translucent swirl lollypop prints on it and the tree trunk was made of metal with white paint finish. These colourful candy leaves reflect light casting shadows of different colours reflecting the emotions of Candyland.

The seating stools in the store were made to replicate toffees which were made of wood and finished with different colour duco paint. The entrance to the store through a colourful portal with vibrant back-lit boxes of colourful acrylics. We have tried to use shiny, attractive and bright finishes for all the furniture and fixtures and kept a subtle white backdrop for the perceiver to appreciate and absorb the view. Once the design concept was locked in, proto-typing of all the various elements was done to finalize the proportions and finishes along with the brand owners.