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Retail Interiors


An essential in children's fashion, Monnalisa has been part of little girls' wardrobes for almost 50 years. Founded in 1968 by Piero Lacomoni, chair of the board of directors, and Barbara Berocci, artistic director, the brand is a major player in high-end ready to wear clothing for girls, made in Italy. Since the birth of Monnalisa, it has been unveiling clothing for baby girls from newborn to 18 months. Monnalisa entered the Indian market with its first store in The Chanakya, New Delhi. Kingsmen India helped the brand transform an environment to a timeless, immersive & inspirational space that connects with the customers on a deeper level. We were responsible for managing everything from the initial sharing of the design deck to the site works. Committed to the brand identity, the client wanted to go ahead with the minimal & authentic Italian children's wear store. The client helped us with swatches to ensure the same quality fixtures & elements for their first store in India. We helped them with the development & execution of a unique brand experience to create a relationship between the brand & consumers.

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