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Corporate Interiors


The Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC) emphasizes social responsibility, driving knowledge and research towards conservation of nature, energy and water. In accordance with RISC’s requirement and vision, the project worked with environmentally-friendly materials, adhering to its principle of ‘sustainnovation’ in social, economic, and environmental aspects. 
The project’s considerations was focused on functionality and aesthetics in the creation of RISC’s interior. Collaborating with the brand to execute its optimised planning of the office’s indoor environment, the space combines minimalist style with eco-design to embody a concept of holistic well-being.   To emulate a green and resilient environment, indoor plants were utilised and positioned in various concepts, creating friendly and innovative spaces. Along with timber wood panels across the corridor walkways, a warm tone sets the stage for environmentally-conscious design.

Location: Bangkok

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