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Thematic & Attractions

Steel in Bloom

Nestled within Singapore Changi Airport’s newest and most innovative terminal – T4, Steel in Bloom is a unique indoor garden that visualises the synergy between nature and technology. Like the fusion with nature that Changi Airport celebrates, the living garden is coherent with the identity and architectural sensibility within Terminal 4. 
The goal was to deliver a multi-sensory touch point offering visitors a quiet respite amidst the hustle and bustle of the busy passenger terminal. Creating a thought-provoking hybrid display, Steel in Bloom is a novel experiential garden and a key rest stop for visitors when they enter the terminal.

To inspire
Steel in Bloom was themed around the idea of synergy between organic forms and mechanical elements. The centrepiece integrates living horticultural elements while the technology aspect speaks to the innovative nature of Terminal 4. The garden layout was also inspired by the fluidity of topographical lines, visually complementing Terminal 4’s ‘petal’ concept architecture as a whole.

To engage
The understructure comprises expansive tree-like branches which provide structural rigidity and strength. Layered with walls of lace-like steel, botanical motifs are exquisitely detailed and rendered in a contemporary papercut style. The second layer of the structure is more dimensional and inlaid with printed lighting, a high-tech, ultra-thin (1mm) and lightweight lighting system integrated into the forms of flower blossoms and butterflies. 
The third and final layer of the structure is designed to be interchangeable, with a moveable support and interlocking edges, allowing live air plants to be integrated into the structure as part of seasonal decorations. stalled together with a light show that takes full advantage of the sculpture’s intricate form.

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