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Exhibitions & Events

Mobilising touchpoints for the active crowd,
let the action take you to the forefront of excitement.

Booth structures and modular layout

A meeting point for your direct business dealings, we complete the experience with ideal venue navigation and immersive booth design. We also offer furniture rentals for comfort and purposeful sit-down sessions. Form partnerships at the opportune spot of your created space. 

Eventful networking space

Engagements at large-scale events are curated to drive communities closer, enabling initiatives to completion. From product launch to industry conferences, our expertise transposes event halls and private lounges to bring eloquent programmes and procedures into place.

Decorative installations

We regularly produce seasonal or thematic structures as fascinating scenes for the public. Inspire moments of celebration in joyful makeovers of open spaces through visual communication.

Involve our expertise

• Research, design & conceptualisation
• Content creation & development
• Thematic fabrication
• Multimedia production & show integration
• Show sets production & installation

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