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Location Based Entertainment

Living Worlds: An Animal Planet Experience

In collaboration with Discovery Inc. and Science Centre Singapore to create and produce an edutainment exhibition narrating stories of the animal kingdom and their natural habitat. We traverse rainforests, underwater ocean, and icescapes in interactive play elements that are activated for a fulfilling wildlife experience. Beyond facilitating exploration, the travelling exhibition aims to instill lessons in conservation in the young.

To engage
Working closely with Discovery Inc’s team, our content and storytelling creatives conceptualise imaginative spaces to match the never-before-seen documentary footage by Animal Planet. From Animal Planet’s vast depository of videos, we also feature the channel’s host engaging visitors on screen. 
The story follows majestic wildlife creatures through their natural habitats, fostering an inter-relational understanding of the ecosystem we share. To immerse the audience in truly compelling environments, bespoke multimedia and specific hardware equipment were brought in – of which includes a 270𝆩 projection dome, a stimulated ice wall of 2 metres width and 1.5 metre height, and interactive floors for games. Charting these realms of nature, audiences can delve into the Animal Planet experience and tap into their imagination to dive around in a submarine and make friends with the creatures of the North and South Pole.

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