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Location Based Entertainment

Nerf Action Xperience (NAX)

Our first foray into operating an attraction site, we developed the Nerf Action Experience Centre, supercharged with challenging zones of activities and the strategic conceptualisation of games to test dexterity, speed, and team spirit. From NERF’s iconic blaster to a full blown arena, we ignite adventures across generations who grew up with the brand.

To activate
Expect a thrilling time at the exclusive NERF Action Xperience (NAX) arena, the first permanent indoor attraction owned by Kingsmen. The 18,000 sq ft indoor attraction in Marina Square is split across four play zones – ‘Conquer’, ‘Challenge’, ‘Compete’ and ‘Create’ – bringing out the best of players hand-in-hand with the iconic Nerf blasters.

To engage
Speed, dexterity, strategy and team spirit will be required, in addition to accuracy with a NERF blaster, when participants show up at the ‘Challenge’ zone. Following story-lines of acquiring vaccines or avoiding the volcano lava carefully, we count on our players to translate their imagination into action. With missions, competitions, and a scoreboard to track who’s on top, players learn to either collaborate or act fast against time.
At ‘Conquer’ and ‘Challenge’, dexterity and courage are tested in the form of high elements. The Summit at ‘Conquer’ dares you to reach the peak through a rope course ranging from beginners to advance levels. The ropes course is also thoughtfully reformulated for kids below seven years old at ‘Challenge’, giving them a taste of future surmountable heights!

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